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Did you know that when someone hears about your business, the first thing they do is search for it on the internet?


If you have a presence on the Internet, your business gains credibility and trust in your potential customers. You must also use SSL security certificates.


With your website you can reach potential customers anywhere in the world, allow them to contact you, sell your products and services online and give them support.


Even if you are not in the office or during business hours, your website will be receiving visits, contact requests and generating new sales.


You can sell your products and / or services online in an automated way and receive online payments with the payment platforms of your choice.

Our work

Pricing – New year offers!

Get now your standard website or e-commerce with our new year’s offer. Valid until January 31, 2022.

$4000$5.000 20% OFF!
  • Up to 5 custom designed pages
  • All basic features
  • All forms features
  • All advanced features
  • Social Media integration
  • Live social Feeds
$7200$9.000 20% OFF!
  • Up to 15 custom designed pages
  • All basic features
  • All forms features
  • All advanced features
  • Social Media integration
  • Live social Feeds
  • Social media branding
  • All SEO features
  • All blog features
  • Advanced Custom Post Types
Shop launch
$5200$6.500 20% OFF!
  • Up to 5 custom designed pages
  • All basic features
  • All forms features
  • All advanced features
  • All e-commerce features
  • Social Media integration
  • Live social Feeds
Shop scale
$8400$10.500 20% OFF!
  • Up to 15 custom designed pages
  • All basic features
  • All forms features
  • All advanced features
  • All e-commerce features
  • Social Media integration
  • Live social Feeds
  • Social media branding
  • All SEO features
  • All blog features
  • Advanced Custom Post Types

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    Tridiam® websites

    Basic features

    We design every page according to your brand identity. We will take your brand, colors, shapes and communication strategy to design your website.

    In case you do not have your texts written, we include professional content writing in the development of your website.

    Don’t have photos or images for your website? No problem! We give you premium stock photos, images and vectors.

    Your website will look amazing on any device. Visualization of your website will be optimized for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

    We use WordPress, the best CMS on the market, which will make it easier for you to edit and update your content on your own.

    We not only use WordPress, but we also integrate it with the best page layout plugins such as Visual Composer or Elementor, which will make your life easier when editing your content.

    Our commitment is that you are happy with your website and it works for your business objectives. Therefore, we will review with you until you are 100% satisfied.

    You will have a single communication channel through a Project Manager assigned to your project, who will act as a communication bridge between you and our design and development team.

    We integrate Google Analytics to your website so that you can check the number of visits, traffic sources, popular content, engagement, visitor locations and much more.

    We will schedule a training session with you and your team and we will teach you how to edit and manage each item on your website.

    We will configure an SSL certificate on your server. In addition, we will configure security features on your website that include a firewall.

    The loading speed of a web page is crucial. Nobody likes a slow page. Therefore, we optimize your website to load fast to deliver it to your visitors.

    You won’t have to worry about the weight of the images you upload to your page. We will install functionalities that automatically optimize your images so that they load faster.

    It is always about people. People feel more secure when talking to another person. Therefore, we will install a live chat for you so that you can communicate better with your prospects.

    Tridiam is a digital agency, not a hosting company. We don’t feel good about charging you extra money to buy you a service that we will purchase from another company. Better, we advise and guide you throughout the process of purchasing these services.

    You can rest assured that everything we use in the design and development of your website will be your property, 100% guaranteed.

    We will work until you are 100% satisfied with your product. Our priority and commitment is that you are happy and satisfied with your website.

    Forms features

    Allow your visitors to leave you their information so that you can contact them later.

    Strategically position a form to capture the information you require from your visitors.

    We develop custom calculators that display results according to the information your visitors enter.

    We integrate your Newsletter platform (Mailchimp, Sendgrid, etc.) so that your visitors are automatically subscribed when entering their data on your website.

    We develop complex forms for whatever you need.

    Advanced features

    The effects of parallax scrolling are visually very attractive. It consists of moving the elements of your website at different speeds when scrolling.

    Simple animations are applied every time the elements are displayed on your page. It generates attraction if it is used in moderation and not in all the elements.

    Do you want to show something important when a visitor enters your page? A pop-up is a great tool for this, if used properly.

    Perfect elements if you need to show data or progress graphs.

    Videos in the backgrounds are visually very powerful and add movement to your page. If you have videos of your business, putting them as a background is a great visual tool.

    Add other interactive elements such as Accordions & Toggles, Action boxes, carousels, counters, flip-boxes and sliders.

    With pricing tables you can show comparisons between the different price plans that you offer in your business.

    E-commerce features

    Easily manage your entire catalog of products and services available for sale in your online store.

    Are your products digital? No problem! Your buyers will be able to download the files they purchase after they make the payment.

    You can add variations to your products, such as color or sizes. Even the prices can change according to the combination of variables that you enter. You can enter any variable you need.

    If you have limited inventory this is your tool. You will be able to manage and you will always be aware of the status of your inventory. You can even avoid selling products that you do not have in stock

    Receive in your store administrator and by email all the information about the purchases made by your customers.

    You can enter unlimited products and services. Organize them by categories and tags so that they can be easily found by your customers.

    In your store administrator you will be able to obtain statistics and reports of the sales of your store.

    Your customers will have their accounts where they can enter their shipping information, track their purchases, download purchased files and review their purchase history.

    We will integrate the payment platform that you require such as PayPal, Stripe, PayU or any other that has an official plugin for Woocommerce.

    Manage your shipping costs as you wish. It can be free, fixed, or even at the ZIP code level. Also, it is possible to automatically calculate rates for USPS, FedEx, DHL and UPS

    Create a wide variety of discount coupons that can be applied to unique products, categories, tags or the entire store. Control coupon usage by adding limits and conditions.

    We help you with the initial import of your products and categories to your online store, and we will teach you how to manage them.

    Send automatic emails to registered customers who have abandoned the shopping cart before making the purchase.

    Social media features

    Redirect your users to your social media accounts so they can follow you. Also, allow them to share your content directly to their social media.

    Widgets on your website with the latest publications you have made on your social networks.

    We design your social media accounts to have brand consistency with your new website. This includes banners and profile image.

    We design an image post that you can use to announce to your followers that you have a new website.

    SEO features

    We will optimize the content, structure and source code of your website so that it can scale organically and get more traffic.

    We create the meta tags and Open Graph elements so that your website is displayed correctly when it is shown on Google or shared on social networks.

    We create a sitemap that will tell Google the important parts of your website, which sections it should and shouldn’t index. Don’t worry, this sitemap will automatically update when you create new pages or posts.

    We submit your sitemap and tell Google that your website is ready to be indexed and displayed to users.

    Blog & Advanced posts features

    We configure all the features of your blog, so that you can dedicate yourself to what really matters: Write great blogs that attract traffic to your page. Content marketing is a great tool to sell your brand.

    If you have a previous blog, we will import all your categories and posts to your new page.

    Add RSS feeds from other sites or Youtube directly to your page to automatically show new content.

    We will create the post templates you need, such as case studies, projects, recipes, etc., so that you can easily add new posts.