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Why do I need a website in 2022?

The answer is simple: The business that is not on the internet does not exist. But, making a good website is now more complex. Now you not only need to be on the internet, but due to the huge competition of the network, your website must be optimized so that your customers can find you.

Now you should have a data-driven web design and rely on your visitors’ behavioral data to improve the probability that they will take the actions you want (conversions). You need data to create a website that actually converts.

Why do I need a website in 2022?

Why your business needs a website in 2022?


Your customers will always look for you on the internet before making a purchase. So your landing page is the opportunity to make a great first impression and give your customers the confidence that you are a real business.

Organic traffic – SEO

Once you have your website SEO-optimized, you will start to go up in the Google results ranking. With the correct structure and content, your website will be positioned higher over time. This means that your page is more likely to show up in Google search results when someone searches for your product or service.

Brand awareness

With your website you have full control of your brand. Show who you are, what you do, what you believe in, your value proposition and everything you want from your business. All this increases the chances of conversion. You decide how you want to be known.

Lead generation

A lead is a person who has shown interest in your product or service and has a high probability of buying, and therefore has given you their contact information. That a person leaves you their data is a type of conversion, and your page must be optimized to increase the conversion rate.

E-commerce – Sell anything!

You will be able to have total control of your online store, without depending on third-party platforms. Sell anything, whether it’s a product or a service. Integrate the correct payment platforms so that your customers can easily pay you.

Billion searches

on Google every day. People are looking for your business!

Of people

research a business on the internet prior to making a purchase decision.

Of users

who search on their smartphone, visit a business during the day.

of “near me” searches

result in a purchase. Attract these purchases to your business!

Of people

won’t trust a business without a website.

of users

who read online reviews, believe them.

What exactly is data-driven web design?

You’re still here, that means you really care about your business and want the best to grow and get the results you deserve. And that’s great. The best way to increase the probability of getting the leads, sales, subscriptions or any action you want from your users is by running effective CRO (conversion rate optimization) campaigns. And to achieve that, you need data!

When you obtain data on the behavior of your users on your website, measure and analyze it, you can carry out tests and experiments to improve your site and increase the conversion rate. And this is precisely data-driven web design (obviously it’s a bit more complicated than it sounds). For best results, these CRO campaigns need to be run consistently.

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